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Seeking Avalon
One girl's rambling comics blog
5th Carnival Is Up! 
28th-Nov-2007 07:20 pm
The 5th People of Colour in Scifi & Fantasy Blog Carnival is up @ Shewhohashope's livejournal. It's a little late, but given the holiday season, the flu season and near end of year exhaustion, we can all handwave that.

This issue is really embracing the multiculturalness behind the phrase people of colour. There's Maori legend, Chinese legend, Anime, Manga, Bollywood and more, in areas all over from film to fandom essays.

Please head over, read, and thank Shewhohashope. She's done a lovely job of gathering links. Now you can bring the commentary.

Next Carnival will be the 6th and will be held by Delux-Vivens' @ livejournal's DeadBroWalking. The 7th will be held at Seeking Avalon. (which will have moved by then, finally, I hope)

If you're interested in hosting in the New Year 2008, please contact me.

PS: Don't forget to promote the carnival in your journal or blog. The more readers the better!
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