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Seeking Avalon

One girl's rambling comics blog

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This journal happened because when I sat down to think about making a comics blog I found thirty topics off the top of my head at ass o'clock in the morning right before an attempt to sleep. Obviously I've got things to say and this is a nice place to keep them all uncluttered by my daily personal stuff.

Want to know why I do this? When I started reading comics? Other blah about me? Click here.

This journal has now officially moved.

SEEKING AVALON is now to be found @ Blogger. Because so far Google doesn't suck like livejournal.

Feed on Livejournal here. Add it there.

RSS Feed over here

If you don't like Blogger, I guess it'll just be too bad. It's not like I'm famous or anything anyway. So I'll just wish you well, because Wordpress confuses the heck out of me.